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Online Puppy Training

This is a place you and your puppy can learn and play together.

No matter what kind of puppy you have, we have something for you to help you raise a stable, healthy, well-behaved dog! Our courses, products, resources and coaching build on our more than 50 Years’ of dog breeding, training, showing and puppy rearing.

Puppy College is for all puppies: large and small, mixed breed and purebred.  Learn how to raise a puppy to be a good dog.

Avidog Puppy College We have done everything from producing champions to training search and rescue dogs to competing in a wide array of sports to teaching thousands of dog owners. As much fun as all of this has been, breeding and training puppies is our passion! Avidog was born from this passion so today we are proud to offer you our experience and knowledge in fun, easy ways. Be sure to check out our full range of expert services, listed below!

Online Puppy Training Courses

Yes, you can train your puppy using online courses! Enroll in ours to get your puppy off to a great start.

1-on-1 Puppy Coaching

Are you serious about bringing out the most in your puppy as quickly as possible? Sign up for our one-on-one coaching.

Puppy Raising Products

We have some fabulous products for new puppy owners in our store.   Whether you are looking for the finest nutritional dog supplements for your puppy, our FREE e-books or products you can use to raise your puppy, check out our store.   Your puppy will thank you!

Puppy Training Tips & Resources

Check out our FREE articles and tips about puppy development and training. Puppy Coaching