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All Avidog course content is protected by copyright. Unless explicitly stated in writing in a course, you do not have permission to share Avidog reports, videos, recordings, images, tools, calculators, or research papers that are not otherwise publically available on the Internet with anyone, including co-breeders, puppy buyers, trainers, veterinarians, or anyone else. This includes screenshots, video screen captures, and quotations from our programs. If you are unsure if something in Avidog is shareable, reach out to us at

You may not share or repeat another Avidog member or student’s personal stories, details, images, or videos from an Avidog call or in any of the Facebook or other social media groups without written permission of BOTH the member/student and Avidog. If you have the member/student’s permission and would like Avidog’s, forward the permission statement and details to us at

The courses offered in Avidog are not intended to take precedence over the advice of your veterinarians, common sense, or your understanding and observation of your dogs. If you choose to follow the information in the courses, you take full personal responsibility for the outcomes.

Please remember at the end of the day, Avidog team members and students/members are people, too. We say things sometimes that can be easily misconstrued out of context.

If you ever have any questions or concerns, please contact us at directly to verify the intent prior to posting on social media or elsewhere.

Violating these policies is grounds for immediate expulsion from all Avidog courses and programs without a refund and may be grounds for legal action.